High Altitude Drone Inspection

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High Altitude Drone Inspection

Safety of personnel is increased by the use of drones for inspection of tall towers, windmills, roofs, silos, etc.

Inspection drone video can be viewed real-time and repositioned as necessary to get a full appreciation of the inspected object.

Why You Should Use High Altitude Drone Inspections

Drone inspection is an excellent way to reach areas that might otherwise be inaccessible to humans. Take for example a tall cellular signal tower. Regular maintenance must be performed on these towers to ensure they remain in good operating condition. It can be almost impossible, and very dangerous, for a person to climb these towers and visually inspect them. However, using a drone, it is entirely possible to simply fly the drone around the tower, capturing valuable images of the tower. The photographs collected are then returned to the office, where they can be analyzed in detail. If a defect is found, a targeted human approach can be designed to help correct and fix the tower. Drone inspection is not only safer for people, but can also provide detailed images quickly of a potential problem.

Similarly, drones can also be used to inspect roofs. Whether you have a commercial or residential building, it can be difficult to get a good view of the roof. Many roofs are high and inaccessible. The team at Finger Lakes Aerial Photography regularly works with clients who are seeking a roof inspection report. We send our drone into the air, where photographs are captured of the roof. The detailed images can show where existing problems are, or where potential future problems might form. By compiling a roof inspection report, we are able to give the client accurate and fast information regarding the integrity and structure of the building in question. Roof inspection reports can be used by several people including real estate agents, inspectors, builders, or building owners.

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